Zaragoza Milla digital. Un nuevo espacio público para el siglo XXI

What is it?

The arrival of the high-speed train to Zaragoza and the urban transformations that will take place in the areas around the former “El Portillo” station and the new “Delicias” station constitute an opportunity to develop an innovative technological-urban development project: Milla Digital.

Milla Digital will make use of the spaces of both the areas developed to configure a City of Innovation and Knowledge, where housing, companies and facilities will exist together under a common orientation fully engaged in knowledge-intensive activities, an urban development of great quality and advanced telecommunications infrastructures which both the residents and the businesses located in the Milla will benefit from.

Milla Digital is a basic project of Zaragoza City Council to help companies, institutions and citizens position themselves to form part of the economic and social means of the 21st century.