Zaragoza Milla digital. Un nuevo espacio público para el siglo XXI

Milla Digital context
Milla Digital context

It will be located in the new neighbourhoods that will be created in the areas around the former “El Portillo” train station” (area G19/1) and the “Delicias” train station” (AVE or high-speed train neighbourhood -area G44/2).

According to the modification of the General Urban Planning Scheme of Zaragoza, the new AVE neighbourhood will cover an area of almost 1.000.000 square metres, of which 250.000 square metres will be destined for green areas and 108.000 square metres for facilities.   Parallel to this, only 150.000 square metres will be reserved for the 3.396 houses that will be constructed, whilst 215.000 square metres will be destined for different uses other than for housing (commercial, tertiary, hotel and catering...).

The El Portillo area is also going to experience a considerable planning transformation.   Of this land, where the former train station used to be located, which covers 93.000 square metres, 45.000 square metres will be destined for green areas and 16.000 square metres for facilities.  The area will house 220 new homes and a large office tower.

There will be a space between the two areas covering 243.000 constructible square metres, which will be destined for tertiary uses, with a capacity for 4.000-5.000 jobs.