Zaragoza Milla digital. Un nuevo espacio público para el siglo XXI

Office tower or hotel
Office tower or hotel in Portillo perimeter
Almozara development node
A view of the Almozara development node, upper plaza (right); lower
neighborhood plaza (left),with the park in the background

One of the main objectives of the Milla Digital Project is: “to convert Zaragoza into a referent for New Technologies, taking advantage of the urban development use destined for tertiary sector in the land of the area around the train station”.  This general objective is divided into three individual objectives, which are:

a) Support the technological innovation and diversification of the economy of Zaragoza.

b) Push forward the social dissemination of New Technologies.

c) Reinforce the prominence of the city.

To satisfy these objectives and to favour the establishment of companies in the Milla Digital Zone, Zaragoza City Council will create the necessary instruments to coordinate the commercial promotion activities of this area.  The individual ordinances of the two areas “AC19/1 – Portillo” and “AC44/2 Delicias Station” establish the conditions for use of the office buildings:

Portillo Area:

AVE or high-speed train Station Area:

The total constructible surface areas for tertiary use of these blocks is 214.040 m2.  If the percentage of 20% is applied to it, this will represent 42.808 m2 for uses related to new technologies.